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The quilt has 14 different blocks.
The image above episode 1 the corners plus block 1 "MorningStar"
The base is made using 2 light colored fabrics which shape a raster on which it looks like the blocks are floating on top.
For the blocks we use medium and dark colored fabrics to create enough contrast.
It is not necessary that the fabrics are all the same in all blocks, it is fun to use some variation in fabrics which results in a more lifely composition.
For this quilt we use fabrics of moda French General. The fabric colors in the whole range fit nicely together.
In the webshop we offer base fabric kits which can be supplemented with your own fabrics.
We make the quilt using the foundation paperpiece method, so everthing on the sewing machine.
If you wish you also can make the quilt by hand. With every block a set of templates will be posted too.

As a free pattern too: the pattern of the matching block-keeper. A smart folder for storing all your new blocks of your project.

Block Keeper

The size of the folder is 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 inch.
The block on the front side is made in the same style and size as the blocks wich are used in this quilt.

The book is secured with 4 bands.

On the left a design wall and on the right a storage compartment for the new blocks.

The storage compartment has a double protection, so you cannot loose blocks.

The new corner blocks are already stored neatly.

When the book is opened further you can secure it with the upper and lower band with a bow so a kind of A is created.
Like this you have a mini designwall, Superhandy when piecing.

Later on kits of the block keeper will be available in the webshop. More info will follow.

The 1st of november 2020 block nr 1 the corners and the block "Morningstar" will be available on line.

Every 1st of the next month the next block is posted.
One off price for the access code is 20 euro. For this you get access to LaceWork where all patterns and tips are posted.
An activated access code is valid for 8 hours. After this when you want to visit the site you need a new access code.
Just fill in your name and emailaddress which you used during registration, and the system will send you a new accesscode wich again is valid for 8 hours after activation.
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